Women's UA Alpha Plunge Bra

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Height: Size: Fit: Compression
Womens UA Alpha Plunge Bra
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Height: Size: Fit: Compression
Women's UA Alpha Plunge Bra

Product DNA

  • Compression: Ultra-tight, second skin fit
  • Built for High-Impact support so you can concentrate on your moves and not on what’s moving
  • UA Compression sports bras deliver superior support and comfort during intense workouts
  • Signature UA StudioLux® fabric delivers relentless performance with a super-soft luxurious feel
  • Signature Moisture Transport System wicks sweat to keep you dry and light
  • Soft, molded cups for enhanced shape
  • Full textured mesh back panel
  • Performance gel-lined straps for optimal comfort
  • Deep V plunge neckline
  • Plush, branded elastic band with adjustable hook and eye back closure
  • 90% Polyester/10% Elastane
  • Imported


This is what makes our gear work harder—and smarter—than anything else out there.


The original innovation our founder dreamed up. This super-breathable fabric wicks sweat and regulates body temperature so you feel cooler, drier, and lighter than ever.

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Thought I would have to dislocate my shoulder...

I ordered this bra online because it looked so supportive online! I love a bra with extra length at the bottom because I think they are more supportive. I am a 38DD. When I put the bra on it held up, I was so excited that I had found a truly supportive bra. When I started to try to take it off... it would not budge. I was almost certain I was going to have to cut it off and finally got it off by almost dislocating my shoulder LOL when I finally got it off... 8 minutes later, I vowed never to put it back on and return it. There's no way I can wear that bra at the morning to the gym and spend that much time taking it off before hitting the shower to get dressed for work. I sadly must return. UA - please recreate this bra... same support but with a different form of securing. The latch in the lower back is great but unfortunately the racerback mesh is permanently affixed and this is why I could not get it off.


This bra is padded like it needs to be for larger, more endowed ladies but it doesn't come large enough. It needs to go on up to a 46 or so, at least a 44. It would be nice if it came in larger cup sizes too.

very confortable, but...

It's very confortable, but would be better if we could adjust the straps. it use to fit me, but i lost weight. when I went to buy another size, none would fit because the straps were alwalys too loose for me.

Not bad

This sports bra was tighter than i expected but i can still manage to get it on and off no problem. i dont have big boobs (34B) so i love running in these or any sort of intense sport. these hold the boobs in the perfect spot. i wouldnt buy these again only because they run a little small but they are nice quality. i say if you are a pretty slim girl with small boobs you would like these!

not great

This bra was so hard to get on and off. I put it on and figured it would stretch out after I worked out in it a bit and I had the hardest time getting it off. Wish I could return it, but since I worked out in it and took the tags off I can't. Complete waste of money.

Won't buy again

While this bra is comfortable for around the house, it is very difficult to put on/take off and it really doesn't hold anything down. I enjoy running but I find things come out of place easily, I'm constantly readjusting. I miss the older versions which held everything in and were easy to put on!


I decided to try this bra as I have a very hard time finding a good high impact bra (normally size 34D) to keep the girls in check and that doesn't make my boobs cone shaped or point in weird directions with those separate cups (I'm a smash-em down girl all the way), and this one looked like it might work. Ran in it once and that's all I could do. Little chafing under the armpits, but the main problem is that it didn't support me at all. Doing a bounce test in this is a little x-rated.


Was so excited when I saw the racer back type, for larger cup sizes. Bought it, brought it home...yes it's hard to put on and take back off, but it fit so well, felt so comfortable that I could overlook that, until I came home after a run and took it off. I almost cried, I had the worse case of chafing and rash on the underside of both breast. It took over a week to clear up. I can't wear it to run, which is why I purchased it in the first place. It must be the fabric because it fits great, works great, great support but since it's causing this problem for me, it was a complete waste of money.

Very difficult to put on and take off

I wear 30D/DD in normal bras and after reading the reviews for this, I ordered 32D. The cup size and band were a great fit, but, like many people have said, taking it on and off was extremely uncomfortable, difficult, and awkward. The straps were also too short for me (5"1), and dug deep into my shoulders. Unfortunately, I couldn't even use it to see how it performed during a run, since I will be returning it. I tried on 34C/D in a store and it was a little easier to put on/off but the band and cup size were too big. It's too bad, this sports bra looked good at least.

Impossible to get in/out

First off it is difficult to get on and off. I don't know why they gave it a clasp if it already has an unajustable band. Once on its great but man is that hard to do. I liked the Armour Bra( the black one that fit more like a bra) then this. It is really soft and great for high impact. Wish there were more high impact options