Women's UA Alpha Plunge Bra

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Height: Size: Fit: Compression
Womens UA Alpha Plunge Bra
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Height: Size: Fit: Compression
Women's UA Alpha Plunge Bra

Product DNA

  • Compression: Ultra-tight, second skin fit
  • Built for High-Impact support so you can concentrate on your moves and not on what’s moving
  • UA Compression sports bras deliver superior support and comfort during intense workouts
  • Signature UA StudioLux® fabric delivers relentless performance with a super-soft luxurious feel
  • Signature Moisture Transport System wicks sweat to keep you dry and light
  • Soft, molded cups for enhanced shape
  • Full textured mesh back panel
  • Performance gel-lined straps for optimal comfort
  • Deep V plunge neckline
  • Plush, branded elastic band with adjustable hook and eye back closure
  • 90% Polyester/10% Elastane
  • Imported


This is what makes our gear work harder—and smarter—than anything else out there.


The original innovation our founder dreamed up. This super-breathable fabric wicks sweat and regulates body temperature so you feel cooler, drier, and lighter than ever.

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Best Firm Support Bra On The Market !!!

I LOVE THIS BRA !!! I hate other stretchy soft bras that do little more than rest on your body without providing any support. I can run, jump, lift, pull, push, swing, bend, twist, roll, crawl, duck, weave, kick, block, punch, and MOVE in complete comfort and confidence being fully supported. The bra can be difficult to put on but it is a SMALL SACRIFICE for the HIGH PERFORMANCE OF SNUG FIT AND EXTREME SUPPORT. I wear a 34D, run distances, lift weights, and cross-train (Spartans/Ragnar/Ski/PaddelBoard) and have looked for a very long time for a product, such as this one. PLEASE DO NOT DISCONTINUE IT OR CHANGE IT SO MUCH AS TO ALTER THE COMFORT AND EXTREME SUPPORT OF THE BRA ITSELF !! THANK YOU !!!

32 DD is impossible to put on

Like many other people have stated before, this bra does not accommodate shoulders of any width. I tried to get it on and actually got stuck until I got a friend to help me pull it down. It was embarrassing. When I actually got it on it wasn't that uncomfortable, but I can't be sure because I didn't run in it. Then I tried to take it off. It got stuck in so many places. Not only was it difficult to get over my shoulders again, the cups actually got stuck on my chest as I tried to pull it off. Again, I needed some help. Under Armour, please listen to the other reviews and change the straps on this bra. One super easy way to fix the problems would be to make the straps adjustable, make the back and straps stretchy, and/ or to make the back consist of two straps that cross in an x instead of a racerback.

Impossible to Take Off!

The fit is tight to ensure good support, but the straps in the back cut just below the shoulder blade, making it nearly impossible to take off without dislocating your shoulder. Bought without trying on based on the former model - they're going straight back to the store...very disappointing. I'm 5'6", size 6 and train regularly.

Big chest? Don't bother.

This product was clearly not designed or tested by women with bigger chests -- I used to swear by UA's sports bras but the styles now are just not functional or comfortable. I usually size in at a 32DD, and I tried several sizes of this bra before returning all but the one I had actually gone for a run in. Getting the bra on: First of all, the 32DD is barely mathematically possible to get on (the 34DD was easier to slip into but for me the chest band fit too loosely). Second, for all sizes the clasps at the back do little except make it more complicated to get on, the band is not stretchy and the mesh racerback is not in a flexible V design like prior UA bras so getting it on is a nightmare. Feel: One word -- underwire. It doesn't feel like a supportive compression bra that will keep the girls in place (perhaps because it doesn't keep them in place), it feels like an ill-fitting underwire cage. More than once while running I had to reach up to adjust it, and at one point I realized I was actually supporting my chest with my arms because it was digging in and getting very uncomfortable. I had a red mark where the band was for a week after that run. The straps felt too long, and without the V racerback design of other UA bras there is no adjusting the way the straps sit. Function: None. The "low-cut" design means your girls will pop out constantly during any number of exercises. Want to do yoga, planks, or pushups? Not with this bra. Feel like going for a run? Sorry, better not try that either. Entirely fails the basic purpose of a sports bra, which is to keep your chest where it belongs. Look: First of all, I care very little what my chest looks like in a sports bra -- I work out to look good *later* and while I'm at the gym or on a run I don't want to have to think about it at all. But while this sports bra promises style, at least for the larger chested sizes it really doesn't deliver much on that either. And honestly, when you put a shirt on it looks exactly like every other sports bra out there (except that your boobs are falling out of your bra again, so you need to stop to tuck them back in). Bottom line: UA used to make the best high-impact sports bras going by far, but that is absolutely not the case here.

I miss the old UA sports bras!

I wish they hadn't discontinued the old style of the UA high impact sports bra. This one is terrible. It's very difficult to get on and off. The straps aren't adjustable. The straps also really pinched when I tried to make any kind of arm movement. I tried on a few different sizes and found the same problems no matter the size. It also didn't seem very supportive in my opinion.

I loved it all!

Sure this bra is hard to get off sometimes, but it is the ONLY sports bra that I have been able to wear that I need just ONE of. Normally I wear two or three sports bras to run. I love to run, and I have big boobs. These two do not normally collaborate. I never need to readjust myself, or have to worry about myself falling out. I love love love love this bra! Thank you Underarmour!

straps too loose

this is a comfortable bra for me, but maybe too comfortable. I read the comment s and chose the size i usually wear which is 34dd, but it actually comes a bit loose not only in the cups but also the straps. I am wondering if it is normal to have some empty space on top of the cup when you lean forward? I mean, I can still feel the bouncing when i jump, it does not hurt after running. but i am still worry that the boobs would get saggy due to the bouncing.

Dont waste ur money!

Let me start off by saying i have big boobs -- 34DDD. That being said, i have an UA sports bra that works ok, although front zipper does tend to come unzipped... this bra design (at least for larger boobs) is total C-R-A-P. Practically impossible to get off or on. In fact, i got somewhat "stuck" inbetween. Stupid, NON user friendly designed for an already over priced brand.

Gave me cuts!

Like other reviews have stated, it is difficult to get on and off, though not impossible. The support was good but the bra rubbed against my skin underneath my breasts and gave me actual cuts. I tried the brad a second time and the same thing happened- and worse! I had to cut my run short due to the pain of the bra against my skin. I am disappointed because of the cost. I have large breasts (38DDD) so I suppose it was too small to begin with, but I was not expecting actual cuts and scraps on my skin.

Impossible Bra

I can't really review the bra for size because I could NOT get it on. One reviewer referred to almost having to dislocate her shoulder to get it on, and I couldn't agree more. How did this bra get through your inspection process? I am a very petite person with narrow shoulders so you can imagine my surprise when the second back band didn't stretch and made it impossible to pull it over my head or step into it. I will be sending it back.